Writer Jim Krueger and artist Alex Ross have teamed up to bring this amazing story of the DC Universe. Disasters of apocalyptic scale torment the Earth. The heroes of the Justice league of america are helpless. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Martian Man-Hunter… none of them are capable of saving those around them. Cities crumble, the oceans boil, superheroes are falling left and right. Superman witnesses the explosion of our planet from space.

Quite a beginning for a book.

This is a dream that various super villains of the DC universe are having. Night after night they see the end of the world play out in their sleep. It has such a strong effect on them that Lex Luthor leads an operation to change the world. they start by creating a huge mountain of ice in the Sahara desert. The issue ends with Aquaman (my favorite character when done by Ross) being captured by The Black Manta who is then recruited by Luthor for what apparently appears to be a new League.

The first issue is basically the hook of the series. You see all this disaster eye-candy created by Krueger and Ross and then the villains who seem to be turning a new page in their lives. Your left wondering are the villains truely turning good and why are the heroes incapable of saving the world.

I’m off to start issue #2