Another scheme arises! 😀

Starting on the 1st of February, I will be running a bonus story simultaneous to the current Heroes,inc. To see this story unfold all you have to do is click the button in the sidebar. (Will appear on the 1st)

Now… after you visit the link some of you are going “Ah! A trick to get us to vote for you?”  Well, it’s not a trick, because I’ll come right out and say YES! I’m trying to get as many people to click that button as possible.  The higher up we move in the TopWebcomic rank the more traffic we get.  The more traffic, the more valuable those Project Wonderful ads become and my motivation stays high. It’s a win win situation for all.  Heroes,inc. gets votes, you get an extra story. 😉

The page will change weekly and stay up for that week. All of the stories will be Heroes,inc.  Golden Age stories and we start of with The Black Terror!

Hope you enjoy it!