Some time ago I was approached by Arne Schulenberg (Union of Heroes) and Scott Story (Johnny Saturn) with a plan to take a throat hold on the internet and spread our Superhero Gospel throughout the web.  I of course was immediately intrigued, even though I soon learned that the plan wasn’t so sinister… 😀

Scotty Story took the idea and ran like a madman eventually ending up with a new Webcomic Collective… The Collective of Heroes.  As many of you know, when I first started Heroes,inc. there weren’t many superhero webcomics out there.  Since then they’ve popped up all over the place.  This collective’s purpose is to… well, collect… a SMALL amount of these superhero webcomics and pull our resources.  Unlike a lot of collectives, The Collective of Heroes does NOT obligate you to fish out any money or FORCE you to put up some ugly ad box that sucks all your pageviews and makes money off of you.

Scott (the other Scott) is in charge of recruiting. Anyone can suggest a webcomic, but he has the last word as to who can join, which is fine by me because I trust his eye for quality superheroes.

One of the things coming out of the Collective is that Heroes,inc. has it’s own forum again.  Some of you might remember that we had one once before… it was a bit of a ghost town. Lets hope things are different this time around.

So… we’re still in our infancy, but you can check us out at Collective of Heroes.