I’ve got a small gig working on a music video that’s part of the whole “Cultural Capital of Europe” thing going on in Finland throughout the year.  So all of my time has been sucked up lately doing storyboards and going over the project with the creators. I’ll also be shooting it, editing it and doing the VFX in post-production, so my time will be tight the next couple of weeks.  We plan on shooting Monday and Tuesday, so after that I hope I’ll have a bit of a breather to catch up on emails and do some updates on the comics before I dive into post-production.

Over the last week I’ve done the equivalent of about 4 standard sized comic books! Mind you, the quality isn’t even close to what I do on Heroes,inc. since storyboards just need to help figure out angles and storylines (especially on this tight of a schedule), but still…

Actually for a small gig, there’s quite a lot of work that needs to be done, but the people are a fun bunch to work with and with all this drawing it’ll be great to have a chance to brush the rust off of my other skills, so I’m not complaining. 😉