jackknapp_photoYup.  Heroes inc. starts up on  Monday June 1st!!  So be here people. I know I will.  Scott’s told me four different beginnings for issue 2.  I don’t know if he just can’t make up his mind or if he’s trying to keep me in the dark.

I do know that two of the scenes, that are possible beginnings, are  going to be in the book anyway. Where in the book, I don’t know.

In the meanwhile here is a “blueprint” of how Scott draws a page.  We also get a look at some of the Black Terror short story from issue 1 of the printed book. It’s going to be a pulpy, B&W,  film noir thing. Sounds pretty interesting.

Speaking of film noir… later in the week I’ll be doing a little review of a really good pulp webcomic, that I follow. So tune in, dear readers, there’s more to come.