Well, well, well… who do we have here? I’m not saying quite yet who they are. I’ll let you readers show off a bit and show your Golden Age knowledge 😉 I know it might be hard to recognize these guys without colors, but I’ll let you have a go at them.

*EDIT: HIGHLIGHT THE FOLLOWING TO SEE THE ANSWERS* This went somewhat as I thought. A lot of people thought the first guy to be Billy Batson/Captain Marvel. Not him. I think DC pretty much has him under lock and key. 😉

That’s Andrew Bryant/Captain Future.

The second one I KNEW would be thought to be The Phantom. Again… not public domain. That, dear readers, is Dan Garret (One “T” very important for copyright issues) /The Blue Beetle.  Yes, the orignal ran around shooting badguys! Plus he later had all the cool Beetle stuff that would be associated with Batman.

And last but not least Dr Hugo Strange. A.K.A Doc Strange.

My guess would be that they’re just about to kick some butt. We’ll see what these old farts can do on Monday. I’m coloring the page NOW!