Bonus Story

In an attempt to get people to vote for Heroes,inc.  more at TopWebcomics (If all of my readers voted JUST ONCE I’d be in the top 20 every month!! So you understand my frustration…) I’ve come up with a Bonus Story scheme. Each week there’s a extra black and white Golden Age short story going on, but if you want to read it you have to vote. These updates will be up for that week ONLY. The following update replaces them. Eventually the whole thing will be published as Heroes, inc. Golden Age (or something 😉 )

Now before people get up in arms just let me point out that I make NO obligation to BUY the Heroes,inc. books and I don’t run Donation Campaigns (believe me I’ve been close) so to keep my site payments and motivation up, I rely on ads on my site.  In order to keep those ads worth something I need to keep the traffic going.  We’ve noticed that, believe it or not, being on the first page of TopWebcomics actually brings in a fare amount of readers.

I understand that some people might not like the fact that they have to jump in the story half way, so I’ll be keeping a short synopsis of each Bonus Story on this page.  That way you can jump on board at any time.

So… Please VOTE and enjoy the Bonus Story!

First Bonus Story “Black Terror in Rough Justice” so far…

The story starts off in 1948 New York. A bunch of tough talking mobsters are playing poker. Their game is interrupted when a black grenade with a white skull painted on it rolls into the room.  All hell breaks loose as the Black Terror and his sidekick Tim wreak havoc through the mafia mansion with tommy guns.  The Black Terror leaves Tim to “clean up ” as he goes off to find a certain Don Vitti, but not before warning Tim from using their powers.

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