• Heroes, inc will return in 2019!

    Well, holy guacamole! Never thought I’d eventually sit down to write a blog post about Heroes,inc. again.

    But here I am.

    So, is it true? Is Heroes, inc. coming back? Yes. Yes, it is. But I’ll say right now, it’s not going to be in webcomic format. But don’t fret, it won’t be an overpriced graphic novel either.  Plan #1 is to do a 5 part series wrapping up the main story, beginning, middle, and end.  That means that a lot of rewriting, and TONS of redrawing has to be done. These pages from over ten years ago are… lacking, to say the least, and the writing…. whoo boy!  A lot of it already has been taken care of over the last year but there’s still a fair amount left.

    The final format is still in the air but I’m talking to people nd making plans. And backup plans for the backup plans.  The bottom line is that next year, 2019, will be the relaunch of Heroes,inc and damn if I’m, not excited!! 

    Hopefully, this goes out to someone’s feed and we can get the old gang back together. I won’t be posting the webcomic in its old fashion but I WILL post lots of updates and comparisons of the new and old art as I go along.

    Seeya soon!


  • Graphic Novel in the works

    To those who still have this in their feed… Hello! I’ve managed to contact some of you already through email, but only a hand full. So I’m hoping this post will attract a few more of you.

    My latest personal project is a graphic novel called Cybernetic Punk.  It’s a cyberpunk (duh 😀 ) story that takes place far in the future.  Because of natural disasters and nuclear war, what’s left of the human race live in domed cities across the globe.  In these domes, humanity has strived and thus the cyberpunk element of the story.

    The story itself follows Gabriel Kane, a down on his luck lieutenant in Cybersquad, a division of the police force that investigates crimes committed by or against cyborgs. He works in the lower outer levels of the city, where crime is abundant. He is called to the upper levels to investigate the murder of Caisley Parrish, an old flame of his. A case that takes him from one level of the Dome to the other, deeper and deeper into the corrupt underbelly of Dome city.

    That’s the nitty-gritty of the story.

    I’ve been using the tagline “Blade Runner meets Elysium by way of every Raymond Chandler novel” and I’m liking that more and more. 😀 I think it really fits the feeling I’m going for.

    I need to make clear that this isn’t a webcomic. This is a full story. Beginning, middle, and end. So those of you who might still feel the loss of Heroes,inc. ending mid-series won’t have to worry. 😀 This time around the story gets its ending.

    To gain your interest I’m offering the first 12 pages of the novel as a PDF preview. You can grab it over here. I hope you check it out and I’ll see you around. 😉

  • The Berth Chronicles – A New Project


    I’m not sure how many people this will reach since Heroes-inc has closed down quite a while ago, but it’s worth a try and this is something that might interest some of you.

    But first… what have I been up to?  Plenty but in short we moved out of Finland and jumped over to Sweden where I started work  at a computer games company doing graphics, character art, animation etc.  And that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing since.  Well, that and this new project, that I’ve been slowly working on for a long long time.  Now it’s time for it to see the light.

    A small group of friends and I, all theater and film industry professionals, are putting together a Fantasy themed web mini-series.  Our first goal is to do a proof of concept with the final goal of three episodes (with options for lots more if it takes off)  If you’re reading this, that means you were and possibly still are, a fan of Heroes-inc. As a fan of the series you know that I can tell an intriguing story.  Just imagine that same vibe but in a fantasy backdrop… cool, huh? We have a great team that are all willing and able to work for free to get this proof of concept out there, but we need help. Head on over to the Berth Chronicles website and check out what we have planned.  We just started a crowdfunding campaign at mesenaatti.me and it’s well worth looking into. If not for you then maybe someone you know who’s really into high fantasy adventure.

    We don’t see even close enough of quality fantasy on TV and it’s time to do something about it.


  • Sometimes Luck Kicks In

    True story.

    A few days ago, here in Finland, a man was laid off.  A story familiar to many these days unfortunately.  So, down on his luck,  he decides to play the lottery. And wouldn’t you know it, he won!  It’s a  truelife story you hear from time to time, but cliché as it may seem, it DOES happen.

    We all come upon hard times now and then, but you just don’t know when Ladyluck will smile on you.  In need of sunshine?  Try out PartPoker Belgium at http://be.partypoker.com/


  • R.I.P.

    Yup. It’s finally official.  Heroes, inc. is at an end.

    Believe me that no one is more sad to see it go than me.  I absolutely LOVED doing this series and had/have some wonderful places and story arcs planned for the series.  Building these characters based on the Golden Age heroes has been great.  I’ve really come to love these guys and every one of them has a story all planned out.  Starting from the Golden Age, up to the present and on into the future. Thinking of it now just makes me want to grab my wacom and get to work on it, but I know that I just CAN’T keep the updates going.  At the high point of our webcomic days, doing Heroes,inc. was a full time job.  Unfortunately, as with most webcomics, it just didn’t take off to be the commercial success I hoped it to be.  Whether that’s because readers are really just satisfied to read it online or that I could never be able to do the leg work of going to a comic con in the States where a majority of the market is… we’ll never know.

    Personally I think that it has to do with the fact that, though webcomics are a great medium for getting the word out, true success stories are few because we readers don’t really need to buy those paper comics anymore.  I never wanted Heroes, inc. to come to the point where it felt like I was beating a dead horse.  I was keeping up that little flame of hope that this would all turn into an actual bread and butter job, beyond the point where it was clear that it would always just be a hobby.

    It’s time to face the facts and put the project to sleep.

    Who knows. Maybe one day that Heroes,inc. Noir book might look up at you from a shelf at your local comicbook store or pop up on a online store list, but until then… Thanks for sticking with me for so long.  Thanks for giving me encouragement that what I was doing was actually quality stuff.  Without you loyal readers, I never would have gotten this far.

    So thank you and hopefully we meet again in the future.


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