The Berth Chronicles – A New Project


I’m not sure how many people this will reach since Heroes-inc has closed down quite a while ago, but it’s worth a try and this is something that might interest some of you.

But first… what have I been up to?  Plenty but in short we moved out of Finland and jumped over to Sweden where I started work  at a computer games company doing graphics, character art, animation etc.  And that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing since.  Well, that and this new project, that I’ve been slowly working on for a long long time.  Now it’s time for it to see the light.

A small group of friends and I, all theater and film industry professionals, are putting together a Fantasy themed web mini-series.  Our first goal is to do a proof of concept with the final goal of three episodes (with options for lots more if it takes off)  If you’re reading this, that means you were and possibly still are, a fan of Heroes-inc. As a fan of the series you know that I can tell an intriguing story.  Just imagine that same vibe but in a fantasy backdrop… cool, huh? We have a great team that are all willing and able to work for free to get this proof of concept out there, but we need help. Head on over to the Berth Chronicles website and check out what we have planned.  We just started a crowdfunding campaign at and it’s well worth looking into. If not for you then maybe someone you know who’s really into high fantasy adventure.

We don’t see even close enough of quality fantasy on TV and it’s time to do something about it.


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