The WebComicPlanet Collective is having an Easter egg hunt!!In the pages of the archives of each member of the WebcomicPlanet Collective is an easter egg hidden.  It’s either in the blogs or among the actual pages of the comic.


The winner is the one who finds either ALL or THE MOST easter eggs.  The winner will receive a personal drawing from the artist of their choice from the Collective  OR can be included in the pages of one of the webcomics.

The hunt startson the 12th (tommorow) and you can submit the site names and URLs of where the egg(s) are found to

Now that is cool, if I do say so myself. 😀  So off you go to for the official rules and a full list of all the members of the collective.  (I think most of them are in the list at the left)

Have fun!!!  ;-)