Well hello!!  Long time no etc. etc. 😀

I’ve fallen off of the radar lately sorry about that. It hasn’t been my style to just drop off of the updating schedule without informing everyone, but something HUGE came up and it’s taken a bit longer than I thought.

But we’ll be back on schedule REAL SOON!!

Until then here’s a sketch that (also) started to take too much time and was left halfway done.

Who is he? Like he said he’s NOT Nick Fury, but like Colonel Nicholas Joseph Fury he too likes gadgets…

Seeya soon.

EDIT: I’ve been getting a lot of “flack” over the statement that this character was kicking butt before Nick Fury.  I was referring to the fact that this guy was created in 1941. Nick Fury was created in the 60’s. I know all about Fury being in WWII with his Howling Comandos etc. It was a light-hearted comment.  A JOKE… 😉