If you’re an artist, I’m sure many of you have heard this before.  I’ve heard most of these first-hand or have been at least offered these kinds of deals MANY times.

The point is know the worth of your talent and don’t be afraid to ask (or demand) that price.  And always have it in writing.  Work it out BEFORE you actually start to do the job.  Being an artist, whether it’s doing comic work, concept, graphic design etc. is no different from any work shown on that clip.  It may be hard sometimes to get your foot in the door, but really… do you think a plumber would come and fix your pipes in hopes of maybe getting some further work from you? Or if you promise him lots of exposure? Or that you’ll see what you can fit in the budget AFTER you sell the house…

I think not.

Not to say that SOME  success stories haven’t come from deals like this, but unfortunately nine times out of ten they don’t work.