I have some plans to do sketch cards or maybe postcards and  I was rummaging around in the attic looking for some suitable paper for Copic Markers.  Among all the books and comics I found this ancient treasure.   It’s not my first comic, but one of the first.

The Blue Beatle. (that’s right Beatle not Beetle. I was 10 years old…)  He was Peter Parker’s brother :-D.  I was a  HUGE Spider-man fan and really wanted to do something similar.  I liked the gadgets and costume of Blue Beetle so as you can see, he’s basically a blue Spider-man.

At the time Spider’s big arch enemy was Sandman so… my Blue Beatle had an arch enemy called Puddyman.  Another big theme was when the Green Goblin knew Peter Parker’s  identity so…

I’ve left it as is  so the text is kind of unreadable on the computer, but here’s the “script”:

PANEL01  Beetle (oops I mean BEATLE 😉 ): WHEW If I didn’t catch onto this pole it would have been goodbye Beatle. HEY Parker you’d better watch yourself, Puddyman is no kiddy.

PANEL02 Puddyman: FLEE while you can you stinking Beatle because NO-ONE can escape ME

PANEL03 Beatle: have to throw myself back fast.

Puddyman: Why BOTHER Parker? You know you haven’t a chance!

PANEL04 Beatle: PARKER! He knows my identity. NOW I HAVE to stop him.

Beatle:  O.K. “Puddy” no more playing around.


PANEL01 Puddyman:  You might as well give up PARKER!

Panel02 Beatle: I’m tired of listening to you so SHUTUP.

Then the rest is just in pencil of Beatle throwing a smoke bomb gadget.

And… ever see a beetle that shoots spider webs? Great stuff!! Marvel doesn’t know what they missed. 😀

This was almost thirty years ago and I actually remember doing these pages.  I also remember doing some closeups of Parker which were drawn fromJohn Romita Sr. Spidey stuff.

From then to Heroes, inc. who would have guessed, huh?