When I work on Heroes inc, I listen to podcasts.  Pretty much everything is comic book oriented.  Around Comics, FanboyRadio, the guys over at Halfpixel etc. etc.

One of the new ones I’ve found, thanks to the Webcomicplanet Collective, is Geek Loves Nerd.   James (the nerd) and Jenn (the geek) mostly talk about things concerning family and marriage, but with a … humoristic, nerdy and geeky twist.  I find it very cool to know that there are others like this besides my wife and I :-D .  At least from listening to their podcast, there’s a lot of familiar ground from my own family life.

It’s not just a podcast though… they also do a webcomic (Wed-Fri) and a blog.   At the beginning a lot of  it was aimed at us fanboy parents. (I’ve actually said this. ) But the strips have changed to more  everyday, family oriented observations.  Things that a lot of us have  experienced.  It has that “Yeah, I’ve been there…” humor.

Check it out at Geek Loves Nerd.

I’m starting up their latest podcast as I finish up some pages…