Since the characters of Heroes,inc. are  public domain (well, all except my own original creations) I have to do quite a bit of research. How can you learn about these Golden Age characters? Not just their origin story, powers and some statistics, but learn about actual events in their life. Buying the magazines is NOT a cheap solution. Some of these magazines go for more than I make in a month. 😯

I’ve mentioned the Public Domain Super Hero wiki many times in my posts. The people over there have been a HUGE help in gathering info on these characters. Their character list just keeps growing and it’s all I can do to control myself from adding more and more characters into the Heroes,inc. universe. 😀

But another GREAT resource that I’ve really used a lot lately is Golden Age Comics. They have tons (literally) of old comis in downloadable format. Want to know where Bob Benton (The Black Terror for you newbies 😉 ) spent his vacation and what happened there? What to learn when Daredevil changed his costume or suddenly wasn’t mute anymore? Or maybe you just want to read about the irritating Blyntzyns… Well, more than likely you can find a downloadable version of the issue at Golden Age Comics! By the way, they’re ALL public domain titles so nothing illegal going on. 😉

Check them out! Very cool stuff.