You don’t have to read Wonder Woman to know who she is. You might not know her origin story, her abilities or even her real name, but you more than likely know what she looks like.

She was created in the 1940’s and her original costume is pretty much a generic super heroine costume from that age. The thing is unlike most other superheroes (men AND woman) of that age that have put on more sensible costumes, she hasn’t. There’s been a few attempts as you can see above, but they’ve always returned to a version of the original. I’ve never really read Wonder Woman, but even as a kid in the 70’s I thought her costume was silly.

Some of you might know about this already. It’s been all over the internet the last week or so.  J. Michael Strazinski (Babylon 5) is giving Wonder Woman a new origin story. I’m not 100% with all the details , but the main idea for the new origin seems to be that Wonder Woman grew up in the western world and didn’t find out who she really is until adulthood. So they now  have a fairly young Wonder Woman who is just finding her powers etc. JMS wanted the new costume to be less pole dancer and more down to earth. Something that can at least almost pass for street clothes. In comes artist extraordanaire Jim Lee… and pretty much hit a wall, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jim Lee is one of the best comic book artists around. He’s not so much my favorite as when I was a teen, but still…

Anyways… This is what he came up with. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell Mr Lee that it’s now 2010. It seems he’s still living in the late 80’s. That leather jacket with the rolled up sleeves, those ugly boots… tacky 80’s.

So here’s mine:

It has the familiar color scheme.  The short skirt over her pants, the gold trimming and the style of her shoes are all throwbacks to the familiar original.   She can move around in it, fight in it, but it could still (at least in a comic book world) pass for street clothes.  And…HER HAIR IS TIED UP! I know that HUGE wavy hair is cool on super women, but it’s not practical in a fight. You either get it pulled or end up whipping yourself with it.

So far most readers haven’t been too happy with Jim Lee’s design. Most want the orginal “stripper” costume back. That’s comic geeks for you. Some have been happy with my “low-key” , practical version. Will they change her costume? More than likely. Will it go back to the original underwear version? Maybe. Will they change it to something along the lines that I’ve done? Who knows, but REMEMBER… you saw it here first! 😀

What do you think?