People have been curious about how my business plans have gone. I summed it up to Heroes, inc. reader Bamadam in two words: Monkey Wrench.

In other words things didn’t go as planned. I can’t/won’t go into too many details, because Finland is small and you never know who ends up reading this and causing problems, (not that I really care about those kind of people, but nayways…) but I will say that it’s very unfortunate, because this was comic related and something I REALLY could have succeeded at. Especially here in Finland where this firm in question is pretty much leading the competition. But despite leading they’re a slowly sinking ship and if they don’t make some changes soon someone will eventually realize the hole in the market and jump at it. Someone with CAPITAL and who can afford taking a risk. So that won’t be me… 🙂 The current owner is WAY to egoistical to see whats happening and that’s pretty much what caused the whole deal to go sour. After doing tons of research I had a pretty good idea of what the firm was worth, but I never made an official offer because everytime I talked to him he had decided that it was worth more (From our conversations it seems he has plans to move to Peru… and obviously live the high life with his Euro currency 😕 )

Anyways… the last time we spoke the price was up to HALF A MILLION EUROS!!

Needless to say, no one has bought the place.

Man! The plans I had for this thing… I was going to TOTALLY redo the structure of it. I would have taken a lot of strategies from similar firms in the States and thrown the whole “We must make AT LEAST 70% profit…” out the window. That’s one thing that you run into in Finland over and over and over again: Business would rather sell two products for 50€ than ten for 20€.

But anyways… don’t want to start ranting. 😉

So I’m back to drawing comic and doing animations and shortfilms and whatever I can spurt out. It’s the good old Monkey Technique: Just throw as much $#!T at the wall a possible and see what sticks.