Heroes,inc. has been going kind of slow lately, but we’re actually just a couple of pages away from the end of Book IV. So it’s time to think ahead a little bit.

I WAS planning on a re-boot of sorts. Not re-doing the whole thing just re-drawing some of the stuff in the first issue (Some of those panels make me cringe!) and adding some stuff that I hadn’t  planned on revealing until later. There’s a lot of different paths we can go down from here.

Thus the poll below.

Lets go over the options:

1.  Archie’s (The American Crusader) origin and Boone’s (Black Terror) return. With this option we’d pretty much continue showing flashbacks of Archie and Boone, only this time it would be the beginning of the Project. We’d learn HOW Archie became The American Crusader and in “present” time we’d see how Archie and the gang continue after being shut out of Heroes,inc. and how Benton (Black Terror) gets out of prison. (No spoiler there, you knew it would happen sooner or later, right?)

2. Diana is off to Africa with Bart (Daredevil) to see someone named ?Merryweather? We’d see her origin in flashbacks and maybe some of  Daredevil’s since he’s hanging  around. We’ll see the rise of “new” Golden age villains  and there’s still guys trying to get her (And it’s NOT Bamadam… 😉 )

3. We’d follow Dan Garret, Sparkington’s (Blue Beetle and Sparky) and Sanders’  (White Streak) journey to Germania. We’d get a glimpse of how Germania became the country that it is. Of course we’d get their origin in there too.

4. We’ll follow Andrew Bryant (Captain Future) and Dr.Hugo Strange (Doc Strange) as they head for the Antarctica to recruit some more Golden Age Heroes. Along the way we’d get their oirgins.

5. Something else… Maybe you’d rather see something I haven’t planned. Leave a comment and let me know.

So that’s the plan. We should be done with issue/Book IV by Christmas and with the new year we’ll start  Book V. What will it be about? Let’s hope you readers vote.

EDIT: The poll was acting up so I changed to Polldaddy.com. Lets hope this one works.

EDIT 2: I think 100 votes is the highest I can go wityh the free version of Polldaddy.  To use aversion that can receive a bit higher you have to pay €100 or something ridiculous. So consider your vote carefully!  It’s still possible to turn the tables! 😉

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