The last page of issue IV!   Whew!

It-has-been-a-BUMPY-ride! We’ve had prolonged hiatus’, hackers, quality dips and you name it. But we got to the end of this issue. 😀

AND!!!… we finally got that “oh shit” moment I talked about a year or so ago.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about: Someone mentioned that I haven’t used any profanity in Heroes, inc. This has been a concious decision and I’m quite happy with it.  I DID however say that I had an “Oh shit” moment planned and because of Heroes,inc being cuss free, it would have more of an impact. You KNOW that this isn’t good.

For those of you wondering… yes, that’s Kira.  And yes she is one of the “she”s mentioned throughout the comic.  I think Lawrence first mentioned her on this page.

So what’s planned next?  Well, I plan to start with a bang right from the start! There’s a bunch of storylines going on and I gave you readers a chance to give your opinion on which one we should start with and Archie & Benton (American Crusader & Black Terror) won. Diana in Africa was a close second, followed by Blue Beetle and thes rest of the gang.

So we’ll be seeing THE AMERICAN CRUSADER’S ORIGIN among other things.  Boone (Benton) is still in prison, on Death Row, but I’ve made it no secret that he won’t be there forever, so get ready to have him thrown in the mix. From now on I’ll be concentrating on one storyline (and origin probably) at a time. These storylines will all come together in one big bang!  Exciting, isn’t it?

What else?

Read the comic!  😉