About a year or so ago I started a Heroes,inc. wiki. Needless to say it’s been going nowhere… until now!  A while ago one of the readers asked if they could help with the wiki. I of course jumped at the offer and there’s been lots of stuff going on. They wanted to inform all of you interested readers to check it out and if you feel you can offer something, by all means go for it.

I’ll be standing on the sidelines so as not to reveal any Heroes,inc. secrets by accident and maybe make minor corrections to any possible mistakes.

I also plan to once agfain try and do a page on Wikipedia. I made one a couple of times, but it kept being taken down for various reasons. Mostly because a webcomic wasn’t worth being written about. Now, however, wikipedia has finally recognized webcomics and there’s a lot on there… we’ll se how it goes this time.

Anyways here’s sthe Heroes,inc. wiki to start off with!