Okay.  I promised to start with a bang and if we went on to issue 5 we would have, however, after a short inner struggle, I’ve decided to go forward with my “Issue 1-B” plan.  That plan is to do an issue that fits nicely in between Issues 1 and 2.

One of the good things about webcomics is that the readers are basically a test audience.  If you realize that something isn’t working, you have a chance to change it before ever going to print.

Thats what’s happening here.  I realized that I’ve been trying to cram too much of the story in too fast, instead of concentrating on one or two characters at a time. (as was the very first  plan)

The story of Issue 1-b are things that I originally planned, but as is quite common with webcomics, things get tossed aside in haste to get the story going faster.  Later you realize that things just don’t read smooth enough.

This Issue will be Crusader centric.  Archie from the Golden Age and Kyle, the new Crusader from this age.  Since this takes place BEFORE  issue 2, the Obama press conference hasn’t taken place yet and Archie and Jack are still training the new Crusader.

So… as usual try and stick with me here! 😉