Yup.  Only two more pages of this Issue of Heroes inc.  Then it’s on to the next one.  Next issue we’ll be diving into more of the differences between this alternate reality and ours. The characters that have been showing up in the promos: Blue Feather, Lawrence and some others, will be making their debut. ( Well it really isn’t Blue Feathers debut, seeing how he had a cameo in the WWII pages.  ;-) )

But… not revealing too much here… sorry.

Hey!… I stumbled upon this the other day: Tales of the Living Legends they use the art of the Golden Age to tell new stories. It’s pretty interesting.  Plus you get a chance to see the original American Crusader in action.

If you’re into the Golden Age check it out!

Well that’s it for now.  I’m trying to do some changes to the look of the site this weekend (want to put an image up for the title of the blog…), but we’ll see if anything comes of it.

If not… seeya Monday when we’ll get a little better peek of the world of this alternate history… !