It just dawned on me the other day that I never followed up with what happened to the music video project I was working on. It’s been awhile and I’ve moved on to other things, but it’s up now for viewing.

“What was it…?”, you ask.

Well… the plan was to make a prequel to the Capital of Culture event that takes place Turku in September of 2011.  It was put together by CulturaMobila, a local community arts group headed by Julian Garner (who some of you  first saw here) Julian directed the kids and also wrote the script, the lyrics and performed the song. Originally it was just guitar with some duplicating of his voice during the chorus, but later additional music was added by Ari Viitanen.

It was storyboarded, filmed and edited by yours truly. I also did the effects, which was biting off a little bit more than I could chew 😀  As some of you remember we got off to a rocky start and the resulting footage was a nightmare to track. This was my first time doing tracking and it almost drove me insane. I learned a LOT, but unfortunately the hard way.  However… I think the end result turned out pretty good.

Especially with zero budget.

Actually, talking with Julian later, we both agreed that there was so much that we would do differently if ever in the same situation again. We had a blast working together and with so many ideas flying around between us, hopefully we’ll do something together again in the future (Maybe without tracking though… 😉 )

So go check it out and maybe even give us a “like” on Youtube.  You can also check out and befriend CulturaMobila on Facebook where there’s some really great photos of their other projects! They’ve got some pretty cool  giant puppets and all kinds of fantasy stuff going on.

And all you VFX pros out there… be kind. 😀