jackknapp_photoJack Knapp here with another topic.  The lack of superhero webcomics.  Now before you drown me with links hear me out… :-D

Other than Scott’s webcomic Heroes inc I’ve only ran into a few serious superhero webcomics. I’ve seen quite a few “tongue in cheek”  webcomics that fall into the superhero genre, but haven’t seen many that have taken the superhero genre seriously.

Here’s the (short ) list of superhero webcomics that I know of.

Johnny Saturn a good one that’s been going for a while. It  kind of falls into the DC / image style.

Hero by Night a very cool comic, but isn’t updated any more. Plus D.J. Coffman’s trouble’s with the ownership kind of spoils the fun.

Union of Heroes. A photocomic! Give it a chance. I was surprised how intriguing it turned out to be.

Who is Rain? This is a new one I just recently found.  At least the beginning has been promising.

And that’s my list.  I asked Scott to send me some of his bookmarks, but he’s been too busy and I don’t want to keep bothering him.  I Googled around, but didn’t really find that much…

Why is that?  I mean, look at the big publishing houses. What do they put out the most? Superheroes. So what do people read the most? Superheroes. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that everything should be superhero stuff. I enjoy a lot of other genres. The internet is FULL of all kinds of goodness.

But superheroes… not so much.

Do creators think of DC, Marvel, Image, etc etc as too much of a competitor? “They’ve been doing it forever so we don’t really have a chance.” kind of mentality?

I know some of you are bound to say that people don’t do superhero webcomics, because no one wants to read them. We want other genres. I believe that’s true a lot of the time, but statistics show differently. Again: who are the top publishers and what do they publish the most?

Image is number 3 right now (if I remember correctly) and they do ALL kinds of stuff, but they too have moved into the superhero genre… so why haven’t webcomics?

I really don’t know.  If any of you have links to cool superhero webcomics throw me  a link either at my email or in the comments.

In the meanwhile I’ll keep looking.