jackknapp_photoI bumped into this on the internet.  Yeah, it’s fake, but we can only hope that a Green Lantern movie would look so cool! Even Nathan Fillion ( from Firefly ) who was used as Hal Jordan, was impressed and spread the word on twitter. There’s clips from all over the place: Firefly, Serenity, Superman Returns, Ironman, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Star Trek IX, Waychmen etc. etc.  Voiceovers seem to be mainly from various DC animation series.

This just goes to show you… here’s these guys pulling this level of stuff off with zero budget, using exsisting films with clever editing and CG.  What could they do with money behind them?

Will DC ever branch out from the secrity of doing just Batman? The DC univers is just as vast as Marvel’s. Yet Superman and Batman are all that they try to revive.  Things like this should be a wakeup call!