Adding that page with the “Blueberry” news programs (which will have to be changed since there actually is one.  I was just doing a take on the Blackberry. How out am I? :-) ) almost screwed up my calender.  Since some of the comic panels of it were taken from other pages I had to fill the “void” left over from the missing panels.

Which made think of MAYBE going over to a smaller format.  Something like over at ZUDA.  There would be less scrolling, but less content per day…  Have to think about it.  Let me know what you think about that idea.

But now that bonus page is  taken care of and things can continue as normal.

The conversation between Benton (Who is Bob Benton? Well if you’re a comic fan you should know. If you don’t just wait and see.  Otherwise… Google.) and Masters (American Crusader. I’ll give you that one :-) ) will continue a bit.  It really reveals a lot about their character.  Who they are, where they have been these years and pretty much their attitude towards this whole “superhero” thing. ;-)

After this important converstation, we’l be going back to WWII and you just might see… some.. Golden Age action.

Stay tuned.