And thus the “long” conversation between Bob Benton and Archibald Masters comes to an end.   For now at least.

Next on Heroes inc. we’ll be going back in time to catch up with the young Captain Masters and Sergeant Benton. What did Masters see coming out of the water on page three? Well tune back in on Monday, when all hell breaks loose, to find out.

Oh… which brings to mind… I don’t think I’ve been too clear on when Heroes inc. is updated. The Official Heroes inc. Update Calender is Mon-Wed-Fri.   Lately there’s been updates pretty much every day, but that’s due to the fact that there were a couple bonus pages added in. I could have just updated those with the regular schedule, but hey… the more pages the happier the reader, right? ;-)

And just to keep you guys coming back over the weekend… Robert Blue Feather Blake A.K.A. Buckskin will be making an appearance in the gallery.  Who…?

Well, you’ll just have to stop by and take a look.  :-D