Well the Easter egg hunt is over. What Easter egg hunt ? Head on over to Webcomicplanet to find out the details. So I took down that silly Easter picture of Benton in the bunny suit (he would want it that way… :-D )

Who won?  I have NO idea. Actually now that we’re on that subject… I have to change my “egg” pages back o the normal ones.

This is how I’m gong to do my pages for a while now.  First the grayscale and then when the colors are up, switch the pages. Sorry about that, but I’ve slowly lost my buffer and am cranking out the inks as we go along.

More questions are being thrown at us. Who is this Takahachi guy? What are Benton’s other abilities? Will we ever see the heroes with more “spiritual” powers? Keep reading. All will be answered in time.  ;-)

And who’s that guy in the blog? (Just a hint to read the blog too… :-) )

Well that’s all for now.  Seeya Friday.