I don’t know how many of you vote, but for those of you who do you have gotten to see various images from the Heroes, inc world. Some have been fully colored and others have been simple sketches or pencils from the pages of Heroes, inc.
At the moment I have incentive images up at two places only:Webcomic Planet and Topwebcomics. (you can click those links or find them under each of the newer pages and also in the right sidebar. )

The images are my thanks to you guys who click the buttons. 😀 It’s thanks to you that we’ve been hanging around at the top 3 over at Webcomic Planet.
I TRY and update the incentives throughout the week. And right now there’s a VERY cool one if you vote at Topwebcomics That image will be painted and turned into a wallpaper sometime soon.

So thanks again to you readers!