A very important thing for me is making sure things are backuped. If you’ve ever lost a weeks or even lifetime worth of work because your disk blowsup etc. you know how important backup is. One of the things people don’t always think of is, that even though you have half a dozen external harddrives full of backups, they’re more than likely all in one place: Your house. If something terrible like a fire or flood etc happens you don’t just lose the originals you lose all the backups.

For that reason I’ve started using Dropbox. It’s an internet based backup system with a LOT of cool options. There’s a 2gig FREE version (which I use and still haven’t ran out of room) or a larger Premium one.

I’ll use my own situation as an example of how it’s used. You install the Dropbox software and you get a Dropbox folder on your computer. A Dropbox is also created automatically somewhere in Internetland. Everytime you add something to your Dropbox on your computer it updates it on the web (if your hooked up. If not it updates the next time you do connect to the internet)

Cool! And easy.  But there’s more…

I use two computers for my work, a laptop and a bigger workhorse. They’re both connected to the internet. Both have a Dropbox folder on them.  I also have Dropboxes on my externals. I do a lot of my writing on my laptop and when we go off on trips to see family etc. I take the laptop with me and do work on it. After I’m finished I hook up to the internet and it updates my Dropbox on the web AND my workhorse  upstairs at home! So all of my work is up to date on both of my machines and my externals AND in InternetLand!!

Our house could be hit by a meteorite without hurting my backups. (unless it’s so huge that it takes out Internetland too, but then it wouldn’t really matter. 😀 )

So if you guys value your work enough to back it up consider using Dropbox. It’s so cool and so easy.

Check it out!