jackknapp_photoGreetings readers of Heroes inc.  The creator of Heroes inc. (Scott Austin) is super busy with his next issue and isn’t here right now.

Statistics show, that when a creator goes on a hiatus it usually has the effect of readers running for the hills, so Scott has left the temporary updates and blogging up to your’s truly… Jack Knapp.

Some of you may know me as The Blue Fire.   Some of you might have seen some of my early movies. I won a few Oscars in my time… But hey, enough about me. :-D

We here at Heroes inc. want to make sure you, the readers, are as happy as humanly possible. I’ve planned out some special events for the coming days and I’m sure you’ll like them.  We’ll have special appearances, spoilers and all kinds of cool behind the scenes stuff .

If you have any questions, about me or Heroes inc. feel free to drop me a line and I’ll do my best to answer them.