And we’ve arrived at the end of another issue. A lot of people have been enjoying the B&W stuff, so I put this up to start with. Colors will follow soon.

Left you with a nice cliffhanger, huh?Β  What’s going to happen to Diana?, you ask? Well, Book III is just around the corner…

I’m going to take a small hiatus, like I did after Book I. Don’t worry about Heroes, inc dissapearing though! I wouldn’t do that to you guys. πŸ˜‰Β  UPDATES will CONTINUE every Monday & Thursday as usual. I’m just taking time off to get a little headstart. I’ve got some fun surprises in store for you for the next couple of weeks. Guest art, backstories and all kinds of Heroes, inc stuff will be flying around.

I’ll also be launching a NEW webcomic sometime in the next week. So stay tuned for news on that.

I’ll be writing more about things to come in the Heroes, inc Blog either tomorrow or the next day, so don’t forget to check that out.