First off: Stay tuned for the specials that are planned for our MONDAY & THURSDAY updates!! (days vary depending on country/ timezone πŸ˜‰ )

Besides the things I have planned there’s guest appearances by some fellow Webcomic Planet collective members.

For those of you who are in doubt whether or not Heroes, inc will continue… Fear not, dear readers!Β  After the SMALL hiatus we WILL CONTINUE! I cannot emphasize this enough, because I know there are countless webcomics that go on hiatus and never come back… πŸ™

We’re not one of them!

So… that aside… onto news and what not.

When we continue there is bound to be theories flying all over the place about who those guys were/are who decked Diana. Just to keep you intrigued I shall give small spoilers (very small spoilers) in my blog post during this time of Hiatus. Unfortunately, not about Diana at this time… πŸ˜‰ When Heroes, inc continues be prepared for some major destruction. The supervillains have been pretty ruthless so far, but just wait until we continue.

Here’s a little spoiler too: we will see a lot of Bob “The Black Terror” Benton. And not just flashbacks…


I’m starting another webcomic.

[Huh?! What about Heroes, inc? How will you manage when Heroes is always just making the deadlines.]

Don’t worry! I’ve got it all worked out. Well, almost… πŸ˜€ First the new webcomic will be in a totally different style. A much quicker (yet fun) style. So none of the trying to achieve super realistic style with this one. The thing is, though I’m a HUGE fan of the realistic style, it can be a real pain in the ass. πŸ˜€ Really. It takes a huge amount of time just to get one page done from beginning to end.

The style I’m using in my new webcomic is much looser. It’s more characterized.

Now some of are thinking it’s “the Adventures of the Ruby Clipper” which I’ve mentioned a lot over the last few weeks. Well… it’s not. This one is done in much of the same style, but it’s a good old fantasy series.

The name?

Humans and other Myths.

You can see the first few pages here.

I haven’t really worked out the updating schedule, but it will be AT LEAST once a week. With this style I can get about a page a day from start to finish, which is great for staying on schedule. HOWEVER… Heroes, inc comes first so we’ll see how I can get them to work at the same time. The “Humans and other Myths” site is still being worked on so my apologies on that.

Okay… Long blog this time. Seeya tomorrow with ( at least in my opinion) a very cool hiatus page.