No not with me personally. It’s a webcomic (of sorts) that can be found here.

This falls under the category of “Things I wish I thought of” 😀  The one thing I really like to do (besides draw) is to do dialogue. Towards the beginning of Heroes, inc I was really struggling to cut the dialogue down. I still, on occasion, have a wordy page. Things Wrong With Me works around this problem in an interesting way… all of the characters are talking heads. Theres no opening scenes, no backgrounds, no troublesome bodies to draw.

Just heads and dialogue.

But… IT WORKS. The heads are drawn in a very cool style (drawn by Matteo Scalera) and they have expressions. The main characters are six friends in New York and their conversations take place all over the place, but mainly in a bar called Cleopatra’s.  The dialogue is what the author, Adam Knave,  wants you to concentrate on.  A cool little detail is that the gravatar comments from the readers make it possible to “take part” in the conversation.

Ever since Tarantino hit Hollywood way back when, movies and TV have become wordier and wordier. This is a good thing though. That’s how conversations really work. I and a majority of watchers love it. But bringing that into comics is REALLY hard if you have to keep an eye on your page count. That’s why Things Wrong With Me is such a refreshing concept to see on the web.

Yes sir, I like it!  😀

Believe it or not, I like Things Wrong With Me over a lot of the more “traditional” webcomics out there.