I’ve done some guest art for Arne over at Union of Heroes. You kind of have to know the characters to get the “joke”.

One of the very few photocomics out there, that I’ve found found worth following is Union of Heroes. It’s the story of an Average Joe who finds out that in an alternate reality/dimension he’s actually a superhero. They need him there so he’s whisked (is that a word?) off to the alternate reality/dimension to basically save the day. Of course being an Average Joe, he has doesn’t really know a lot about being a superhero and needs training.

I think the reason I like Union of Heroes over other photocomics is the fact that it’s very proffessional. The camera angles and acting are top notch. You’re not constantly getting stuck on the fact that what you’re looking at isn’t drawn.

So take a look at my guest art and check out Union of Heroes!