Oooooh! Awards…
Yup the Webcomic Readers Choice Awards nominations for 2009 have begun. YOU, dear readers, have the power to choose the nominees! That’s right! All you have to do is go vote for you favorite webcomic in various categories.  I believe you have to sign up, but if you’ve ever become part of a forum etc.  it shouldn’t be anything new or difficult…

Now, I’m not telling you this just so you’ll nominate Heroes, inc. but I won’t decline any nomination votes I receive. 😉 The list of webcomics is long and there is tons of competition, but I’m hoping that Heroes, inc. can be victorious in some category.  I think there’s at least a few categories where Heroes, inc could have a chance:  art, writing, new webcomic etc. etc.

The Categories are:

  • Art
    • The category of Art in web comics are the products of human creativity. It is a skill that is learned and refined by study and practice.
  • Writing
    • The purpose of a story arc writing is to move a character or a situation from one strip to another – in other words, to effect a change.
  • Author Congeniality
    • How well an author interacts with not just you as a reader, but everyone.
  • Protagonist
    • Protagonist is the hero / heroine / anti-hero of the story. The leading character whom the audience identifies with or cares about in a story.
  • Antagonist
    • Antagonist is against that which the protagonist contends. An antagonist is a character that puts barriers and reversals in the way of a protagonist’s progress or objective, usually a villain.
  • Supporting Character
    • Supporting Character (or creature) is a minor character who helps to raise the stakes for the main protagonist, or who reflects the same problems or issues of the protagonist, while providing texture or dimensionality to the setting.
  • New Comic
    • Best New Comic of the last year, are for any comic that started between August 2008 until September 2009.
  • Design
    • Design is the process of not only designing an appealing web comic for one’s audience; but, a usable website layout.
  • Community Site
    • The Community Site category is to give credit to those comic communities that go above and beyond to support the comic arts, community sites can include blogs, review sites, listing sites, social networking, podcasts and more, sites that are related to comics.

So off you go to nominate someone! The voting is up until October 31st so there’s plenty of time to make up your mind.