I did a podcast with the guys from Moonhawk studios a while back (23 sept.) but have been so hectic that I forgot to post about it.  We talked about Heroes, inc. (of course) and a bunch of other stuff.  It’s always fun to shoot the *ahem* with Mike.  I did all my ranting before and after the podcast so as not to scare people off… 😀

Then a few days ago Kurt from TGT called me up on Skype for their “24 hour comic day” podcast.  It was past midnight here, but I was working and thought “Why not…” So I dragged my computer down stairs and hung out with him and co-host Byron from 1977 for about 3 hours.  Didn’t talk much about Heroes, inc but that wasn’t the point. Had a blast. 😀

If anyone out there needs a guest for their podcast, I’m open for invitations.