24 hours late, but here it is. And in color…

As I wrote in my blog, I was trying to rush my pages by throwing together rough pencils, half done pages and ending up with sloppy work. Needless to say I wasn’t happy with what I was starting to put out.

I set out to make a quality webcomic, but was heading for something totally different. I know that to a lot it’s most important to keep the story moving, even if I just put up stick figures, but to me the art is just as important as the story. At some time I set a quality standard for myself and if I can’t keep up with it, it’s either time to change the whole style or call it quits.

I’ll say this again… I have no plans on quitting just yet! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So… it’s either pick up the slack or make some radical changes to the style in which I do the series. Seeing how one of the main attractions to Heroes, inc. is my style (which I love by the way) I’m going start by pumping at full speed to try and “pick up the slack”. I’d love to say that it will never be late again, but i have no idea what the future will throw at me.
We’ll see how it pans out from here.