The new Heroes,inc. Store is up and running over at Zazzle. As of now we just have some simple Crusader Star products and the Heroes, inc. logo. Also there’s an option of having the logo on the back of the shirt or not.

If you do purchase a shirt, one with the logo on the back would be cool to wear if you happen to be walking around… say, a comic convention floor… *ahem*
Anyways… I went with Zazzle because they make it possible to have the payments through PayPal, which was the whole problem with Cafepress (they only paid with cheques). So I don’t lose money this time…

buy unique gifts at Zazzle

Now I know that the prices at these POD merchandise places can be a bit on the steep side.  By European standards they’re  not so expensive, but I’ve heard some grumbling from people. Whether or not that’s just pennypinching or not it’s hard for me to tell from over here…

Just think of it this way: Every piece of merchandise bought, be it a magazine, T-shirt, whatever,  gets me a little bit closer to being able to do this full-time.

Cool, right? Just think… Heroes,inc. full-time… me paying the bills with Heroes,inc. and all of you getting LOTS more Heroes,inc. goodness…  Feel better now?  Me too. 😀

So check it out at Heroes,inc Store or click the flash thing above.