I’m going to start a new weekly topic of what I’m reading, be it traditional print comics or webcomics. Right now I’d like to tell you about a webcomic I found some time ago, but only recently read through.   A Flash based webcomic…


The story takes place in Iraq as we follow a group of soldiers who have taken part in the Advanced Soldier Program.  They are enchanced by gene therapy and nano technology.  They don’t dress up in superhero costumes, but they have the powers of superheroes.   The Program is secret ( of course 😉 ) but the lid is about to be blown off of it as the enhanced soldiers are seen using their powers by other soldiers. If you like Heroes, Inc chances are you’ll like this too.

One of the things that sets this apart from most webcomics is that there is quite a large creator team.

The story is written by Rob Mcclellan and is top-notch, always ending with a cliffhanger of some magnitude. You want to see what happens next.

Pencils are by Martin Montiel. They’re very loose, almost sketchy, but still very professional. The pencils aren’t inked and thats good for this style.

Colors by Chris Summers. The colors are great and fit perfectly with Montiel’s pencils.

The rest of the team are:

Letters:  Charles Pritchett, Site Graphics:  Joseph Mesa, Webmistress:  Laura Poston.

You can also download Soldiers for you iphone at itunes.

I hope they find a following to keep them going.  If they keep up the quality work it shouldn’t be too hard.

So check out Soldiers