THIS is the page that was ORIGINALLY going up last Thursday, before the “News” idea came to me.

So… Boone speaks native american?

Yup.  Cherokee to be exact. The indian (Yeah I know, Native American) is a Golden Age hero Blue Buck. Way back I had plans of changing his name to Blue Feather, but decided to go back to the original name.

When I first read about the original Blue Buck, I thought he was a “real” indian, but it turned out he  was just someone who  had lived most of his life among the indians.  I was disapointed. I reallywanted a native american superhero.  I’m part Cherokee myself so changing him to a full-blooded Cherokee was an idea I liked.

Now, my Cherokee isn’t the best in the world, so in the unlikely event that someone who actually DOES speak Cherokee fluently makes a wrong left turn and ends up here… my apologies for any grammatical errors. 😀

Anyways…Let’s see…Danny… well we just saw a “Danny” a few pages ago…

What else? Oh…  I’m hoping to start up with the twice a week again SOON!!  It’s better to do this full blast or not do it at all. None of this half-ass speed.

HOWEVER… having said that… be prepared for the worse. 😕