Heroes, inc will return in 2019!

Well, holy guacamole! Never thought I’d eventually sit down to write a blog post about Heroes,inc. again.

But here I am.

So, is it true? Is Heroes, inc. coming back? Yes. Yes, it is. But I’ll say right now, it’s not going to be in webcomic format. But don’t fret, it won’t be an overpriced graphic novel either.  Plan #1 is to do a 5 part series wrapping up the main story, beginning, middle, and end.  That means that a lot of rewriting, and TONS of redrawing has to be done. These pages from over ten years ago are… lacking, to say the least, and the writing…. whoo boy!  A lot of it already has been taken care of over the last year but there’s still a fair amount left.

The final format is still in the air but I’m talking to people nd making plans. And backup plans for the backup plans.  The bottom line is that next year, 2019, will be the relaunch of Heroes,inc and damn if I’m, not excited!! 

Hopefully, this goes out to someone’s feed and we can get the old gang back together. I won’t be posting the webcomic in its old fashion but I WILL post lots of updates and comparisons of the new and old art as I go along.

Seeya soon!


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