Graphic Novel in the works

To those who still have this in their feed… Hello! I’ve managed to contact some of you already through email, but only a hand full. So I’m hoping this post will attract a few more of you.

My latest personal project is a graphic novel called Cybernetic Punk.  It’s a cyberpunk (duh 😀 ) story that takes place far in the future.  Because of natural disasters and nuclear war, what’s left of the human race live in domed cities across the globe.  In these domes, humanity has strived and thus the cyberpunk element of the story.

The story itself follows Gabriel Kane, a down on his luck lieutenant in Cybersquad, a division of the police force that investigates crimes committed by or against cyborgs. He works in the lower outer levels of the city, where crime is abundant. He is called to the upper levels to investigate the murder of Caisley Parrish, an old flame of his. A case that takes him from one level of the Dome to the other, deeper and deeper into the corrupt underbelly of Dome city.

That’s the nitty-gritty of the story.

I’ve been using the tagline “Blade Runner meets Elysium by way of every Raymond Chandler novel” and I’m liking that more and more. 😀 I think it really fits the feeling I’m going for.

I need to make clear that this isn’t a webcomic. This is a full story. Beginning, middle, and end. So those of you who might still feel the loss of Heroes,inc. ending mid-series won’t have to worry. 😀 This time around the story gets its ending.

To gain your interest I’m offering the first 12 pages of the novel as a PDF preview. You can grab it over here. I hope you check it out and I’ll see you around. 😉

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